Our People are Our Greatest Resource

I'm running for Dallas Mayor to put the focus our best resource: our people. Dallas is excelling in so many areas and ways. We have a tremendous economy. We are growing and changing, adding amenities and raising our national and international profile. None of this should change. We should build on our success. The future is about opportunity, but also access. Let's keep growing and building on all the good, and let's also take steps to widen access to opportunity. Great cities invest in people. Great cities are organized so that they work for people, empowering them with the jobs, mobility, vibrant and safe neighborhoods and quality education they need to thrive.

There's an old saying that a church is not the building, it's the congregation. It's no different for cities. It's not just about our homes, office buildings or ballparks - it's about the people in them. We need to frame everything we do in terms of how well we are enabling our people to succeed. Here are the kinds of questions we need to be asking:

  • Are we providing enough jobs that pay living wages and expanding career and job opportunities in general? 
  • Are we investing enough in infrastructure to anticipate growth? 
  • Is our current road infrastructure and transit system adequate?
  • How can we combat the rising cost of living in Dallas, including home ownership?
  • Are we blending "big idea" projects with organic growth to create the authentic districts we all want?
  • Are we doing all we can to make development and access to opportunity equitable across the city?

A Mayor who represents all of Dallas will have to grapple with these questions because the city is too diverse for one-size-fits-all solutions. We can't have one agenda, or one part of the city benefiting and leaving the rest behind. We are still a young city, finding our identity, wrestling with growing pains. A transitional moment like the one we face demands building bridges - not just physical connections between parts of our city, but more importantly, economic and social ties between people.

I know that investing in people is at the center of our challenge, and I'm ready to do that. I've spent my life in this city, raising a family, pursuing a career, and rolling up my sleeves to help solve problems. I want to build bridges. I'll work as part of a leadership team at City Hall to find practical solutions. Most of all, I'll make sure the focus is always on how our city can work better for every citizen.


Regina Montoya